nlog 0.2.0

Nlog is an open source network traffic logging mechanism written in the Java programming language. A set of rules can be written to capture only the types of data you wish to log. The software is currently in the development stages.


* Comprehensive Rules System which allow you to control exactly what is logged.
* Regular expressions are fully implemented throughout the rules system.
* Regex replacement within rules allow you to make changes in the packet data or its format.
* Variables within the rules system allow you to save data for later, or combine portions of packets together for logging.
* Network interface selection lets you log traffic on any network interface.
* Network filters give you control over which ports or protocols are sent through the rules system.
* Output selection lets you choose where to log the information.


* Log Multiple Interfaces -- the product will be improved so that you can log traffic across multiple interfaces simultaneously.
* Dynamic Output Location -- the rules system will allow for in-game changes of the output location, giving you the ability to log different types of traffic to different files.


By downloading this software you agree to use it AT YOUR OWN RISK. You also agree that I am not responsible for ANY results of using this software.


Dec 30, 2008

Made installer for both Intel and PPC processors. Also, installers are now compatable with Mac OS X versions earlier than 10.5.x.

Dec 29, 2008

Added GUI, auto-authentication for Mac OS (thanks to Gregory Guerin's Authkit), and an installer for Mac OS 10.5.x. Enjoy!

Dec 25, 2008

Merry Christmas. First alpha released.