Spider 0.1 Alpha

The purpose of this project is to examine advanced symmetric encryption more closely while implementing concepts such as key strength, bitwise/word operations, permutation/S-Boxes, and key expansion. Furthermore, this project will create a solid variation on the standard AES and DES ciphers, providing a new approach to an existing idea. The product will be a unique, flexible Symmetric Encryption (aka Private Key) implementation available to all major operating systems and JAVA developers.


This software is currently in the ALPHA state of development. This means it has not been widely tested or used and could result in the loss of data. Use this software AT YOUR OWN RISK. Be warned! By downloading, you agree that I am not responsible for any data loss related to the use of this software.


Dec 13, 2004

First alpha released. Also, check out the wallpaper I made for it!

Dec 01, 2004

I'm hitting a major barrier with Java's File I/O support. I'm taking a short break from this project while I work on my HSL project. Not only that, but creating a GUI is scaring me. I may skip that part, but it's probably not a good idea.